Not sure yet which frame to choose for your new print? If so, in this article, I would like to explain to you what to look out for when framing your prints. Because the frame is also an important part of decorating and giving more atmosphere to your rooms. 

To answer the question of which frame to choose, it is important to think about what atmosphere you want to convey. Colour, size and whether you want to use a matte or no matte or whether you want to use a frame at all? Because creative ways of hanging your poster can also work really well!

Frames and mattes

When it comes to frames, you have two choices, you can choose a frame that is the same size as the poster you want to hang or you can choose a frame that is larger in combination with a matt. A matte is a thicker piece of paper in which you place the poster. This gives a nice wide strip around your print, which gives your prints a chic look.

For example, you have a 50×70 cm (20×28 inches) frame that holds a 40×50 cm (16×20 inches) matte. So you can easily place a 40×50 cm poster in this. Take a look at the picture below for the difference in atmosphere that using a matte brings.

Colours and materials of frames

Of course, this is a very personal choice, which has to fit in with what you like and what best suits your interior. But there are a lot of options in material and colour when choosing your frames. Wood is a commonly used material for hanging posters, you can choose real wood (choose wood with a sustainability label such as FSC). The colour of the wood also plays an important role: do you go for a natural look with oak or go for a slightly darker lacquered wood? 

A black or white (or any other colour!) wooden or plastic frame also gives your interior a completely individual twist.

Hanging a poster without a frame

Of course, you can also get creative when hanging up your prints! A great idea for this are poster hangers, which are often two pieces of wood with a magnet between which you can attach your poster. A strip is often attached at the bottom to give the poster enough weight to hang straight. 

You can also use special tape to hang your posters, such as washi tape. This tape can be bought in all sorts of prints and designs and you can use it, for example, to hang the corners of your posters on the wall. 

So you see, plenty of choices you can make to give your posters the most beautiful spots in your interior. I hope this information has helped you make those choices! If not, I will be happy to help you.

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