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How to choose the right size for art prints

Finding it hard to decide which size poster to choose for your living room? What size art print is best for above the bed and how do you dress up your hallway with your best travel memories? In this article, I will gladly explain it to you!

Art prints for the living room

A great place for posters is in your living room, you obviously spend a lot of time here so it is a good idea to furnish this room with beautiful art prints. So that you can enjoy them every day. In the living room, posters can be placed well above your sofa. How cool is it to create a nice poster wall with different matching prints? But how do you decide which sizes are best suited for this?

Step 1: measure the size of the wall (width and height) and measure the size of the sofa.

The best rule for choosing the right size print is that it is best if the artwork or artworks take up about 2/3 of the size of the length of the sofa. That means that in the case of a sofa, it is often nice to use several artworks side by side or one artwork in landscape format.

Also look carefully at the height of the wall to reach a nice proportion and know how high you can place the artworks. For this, it is smart to look at the space under the artworks up to the top of the sofa and place this space approximately at the top of the artworks up to the ceiling as well. But there are exceptions to this for high spaces.

Posters for above the bed in the bedroom

You can also apply the above rules in the bedroom, it can be very nice to hang one or more posters above the bed. This gives the bedroom more atmosphere. Again, use the 2/3 rule to determine the size of the artwork or multiple pieces of art together. And again measure the height of the wall to determine how high to place the posters. And consider the space from above the headboard of the bed to the prints and the space above the prints to the ceiling.

Art prints for the hallway

Another great place for art prints is in the hallway, everyone who enters will immediately get a warm welcome from well-chosen artwork. Here, it is important to pay close attention to the shape of your hallway, it is usually long and narrow or small and square. In a long narrow space, a series of posters can work well in the same size, to create a calm whole. Here, it is smart to look at the space you have, how long is the wall? And how high? For the hallway, I often opt for a nice medium-sized format such as A3 (29.7 by 42 cm) or 30×40 cm (12×16 inches), for example, and by placing them in a larger frame with matt on the size of the print. This immediately gives a timeless and chic look!

Prints for above stairs

This is a space where you can be creative with your prints! You can work with different sizes and put them together to create a beautiful ensemble. Combine with other ways of hanging your prints here too! Like with washi tape, for example, or with pendants. A cool result is guaranteed!

Decorating with prints

You can also decorate in different ways with smaller-sized prints. For example, make a shelf with all the beautiful souvenirs of your travels and complement this with two smaller format prints such as an A4 or A5 print of the destination you have been to. Or make a place for your travel memories on top of a cabinet and finish it off with nice plants, pretty knick-knacks and your favourite books. How fun is that!

I hope these tips have helped you get started in deciding which poster size is right for the space you want to decorate! If you still find it hard to decide what size art print is right for you, feel free to let me know. I’ll be happy to help!

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